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Just in case you guys were wondering where I've been all these days, I've been developing two relatively large websites

Just in case you guys were wondering where I’ve been all these days, I’ve been developing two relatively large websites (which I will showcase in a few weeks) using a new CMS I now hip to: Expression Engine.  Expression Engine (formally known as pMachine) developed by Ellis Labs is a CMS that from my experience is a very flexible, easy to use and learn, fast, and highly versatile.

Don’t get me wrong,  Word Press is a great open source blogging system, but its not a true Content Management System.  Plus, with Expression Engine, I don’t have to bother myself figuring out the PHP code (although you can use PHP) because frankly I’m not a PHP coder.  I am a “CSS/XHTML coder.”

And all reality, only my notbook is running off of Word Press.  The rest of these pages are static.  But with grantmx 3.0 we will implement Expression Engine as our back-end in the near future.

With all that said, I encourage you guys to check out Expression Engine

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September 15, 2007

Hi, great looking site!

Good to hear you’re moving over to EE, you won’t regret it. :-)
A small note on the article though; EE wasn’t really formely known as pMachine, EE is more like the pMachines bigger brother.. so it’s not the same product that has evolved, it’s a completely new product.

Keep up the good work,
- see you over at the EE forums!


September 15, 2007

Thanks Andy that’s good to know.  So I guess its like a C-class vs. an S-class Mercedes Benz.

I’m already a Junior Member at the forums! 80+ posts.  Look for grantmx.

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