Global Outreach Campus Ministries

The GOCM site was technically my first Expression Engine site developed.

Global Outreach Campus Ministries

About a month ago I gave you guys a hint of an upcoming website project using Expression Engine.  Well, after much ado and content edits the site finally went live.

The GOCM site was technically my first Expression Engine site developed; however since finishing the design and development phase and then having the GOCM staff focus on the content editing, I have developed and completed at least five other Expression Engine sites.  Yes, I can hear you -  I will showcase them too in a few days.

This site uses several new technologies to me, at the time.  I integrated Slide Show Pro (SSP) with XML, Adobe Spry drop down lists (an AJAX framework),  and the new love of my life - Expression Engine (EE).

The challenging part was the shear size of the GOCM website as well as the incredible flexibility of EE.  EE is such a flexible CMS, it was difficult to harness its potency where I needed it when I needed it; A typical newbie trait. But when I got used to its versatility, you couldn’t stop me!

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