Web Hosts We Can’t Stand.

In a world where up time and redundancy is gold, why would a host like 1and1.com sell a hosting service for $3.99 per month? Because they hate you. They know that you'll rather get a cheap plan than actually see your website in a web browser 25% of the time.

Ok, what really is the deal?  I use about three different web hosts (for various reasons) and only one, consequently the most expensive one, got the point.  I really don’t understand the whole notion of web hosts over selling there servers for the sake of maximizing their profit margins. 

What ever happened to service?

In a world where up time and redundancy is gold, why would a host like 1&1.com sell a hosting service for $3.99 per month?  Because they hate you.  They know that they’ll over sell the server and you’ll never see your site and you’ll never get access to your webmail because everyone checks their 1&1 webmail between 12AM and 2 PM, giving you that persistent little 404 error.

Why the rant, Dude? Chill.  Because I was one of those idiots until about two years, err ummm…..7 days ago.  Yea, it took me about two years to leave this abusive relationship.  I got so accustomed to the abuse that I found my way to cope with and deflect the pain.  I became numb.  But THANK GOD, I wised up and left that Jerk! 

Oh!  And don’t get me started on Dreamhost.  What the heck?  They have really gone down hill since the beginning of this year.  I remember singing their praises earlier this year, but now a days I want to wring their little beer gulping necks.  Even Dan Cederholm gave them the kick and bailed.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

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October 15, 2008

I know what you mean.  We finally moved all our sites over to Media Temple after the Dreamhost service went downhill.

Marshall Grant
October 15, 2008

Yeah man.  I had four of my major sites go completely down for two days back in September.  It was so embarrassing.

Steven Grant
October 24, 2008

I hear you brother.

Good hosts are hard to come by. I’ve managed to get nice urls in expression engine working on my windows server so I’m happy with our guys for the time being.

who would you recommend in the US?

Marshall Grant
October 24, 2008

Hey Steven!

I’m actually starting to like Media Temple.  But you have to pay the higher price to get decent service.  I have the DV plan (which starts at $50 per month).  Haven’t had any issues yet. 

I wish there were a host that didn’t oversell their servers and kept the monthly low, but I guess overhead costs don’t allow for that.

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